Online backups. Share files and collaborate with colleagues and customers easily, save all your important documents and work in a centralized cloud storage server. Never loose a file again.

Most businesses don’t think about backups until it’s too late. How would your business cope if you lost all your data, files or equipment? Would you be able to survive a catastrophic failure of your equipment? Could you guarantee business continuity in case of a fire or hardware failure?

windows failure Northern Lab can help you setup a backup strategy to protect your important data, from onsite data storage to disaster recovery planning and implementation.

We also offer a managed cloud backup solution for your business, making sure that all your important data is on a secure server on the cloud, giving you and your business peace of mind.

Through our hosted cloud backup service we also offer a super easy way for your business to share files, whether for in-house use or to collaborate with your customers and partners.

You shouldn’t be asking yourself if your business needs backups, you should be asking us how soon we can implement them. Get in touch today to find out more. Don’t’ risk the future of your business, Northern Lab can help.

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