IT Support and maintenance

Northern Lab offers a range of first class support services for your business or home computer.  Businesses using our IT support contracts also benefit from our 24h online help desk and a Service Level Agreement outlining the expected response and resolution times to support requests.

Our support and maintenance services include combinations of the following depending on your requirements:

  • Business software support
    We provide support for standard Microsoft and Apple business software, such as Microsoft office, Apple iWorks, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems ranging from simple assistance for users who may be struggling to perform a task to troubleshooting more significant issues and restoring damaged systems.
  • Desktop, laptop and netbook computers
    Northern Lab can carry out upgrades, diagnose hardware or software issues and carryout routine maintenance to ensure your computers continue to provide the best user experience possible for the given hardware.
  • Apple IOS and Google Android mobile and tablet devices, as well as multi platform integration into your current setup
  • Server support and maintenance
  • Server backups and recovery
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of servers and other critical devices
  • On-site and remote support as appropriate
  • Full or partial help desk based on your needs
  • Warranty management and repairs of non-warranty computers

All these and much more, delivered effectively and professionally.


Servers, networks, software and hardware. Whatever your business needs installed or upgraded we can do it for you, efficiently and professionally.

We can help your business install all manner of hardware and software on stand alone machines, networks or servers. Along with our installation, consulting and maintenance services we can ensure a seamless integration into your current business IT infrastructure. We can install equipment indoors or outdoors, depending on your requirement and the purpose of the equipment.

Northern Lab can also help you scope out a plan for rolling out new IT systems that will help your business grow and work more efficiently.

Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for your business.

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